White dodged the attack! Well done!

– Marble Siege 1 Practice Round

White was a contestant in Gadget Car Triacontathlon Season 1, Portal Marble Race Seasons 1 and 2, Marble Sieges 1 and 2, and Marble War.

Gadget Car Triacontathlon

White placed last in Race to the Bowl, resulting in his elimination. Then, during Stickman Experiments, his head was inflated, most likely via a portal.

Portal Marble Race

White placed last in leg 2, The Land of Idiocy, in season 1. White is currently still alive in PMR Season 2.

Marble Siege

White performed poorly in both Marble Sieges. In season 1 he was killed by Orange with a Poup Krumb, and in season 2 died by a Donation Box from Help Me the Tree.

Marble War

White was eliminated in the first round after losing to Tan.


In the Marble Siege Tutorial final test, White died first to a circle. White was the main character in Intense Marble Escapade and placed 4th in the demo race. In Marble Cataclysm Survival, White was one of 13 survivors.

Gadget Car Triacontathlon