Beginning Comic

Orange was frolicking around when he encounters Scary Face, where he becomes infected with Scary Face. Cyan then asks Red and Yellow if they want to play Flame War XII, a new game that came out. Orange comes into the scene screaming for help but ends up infecting them. Eventually, everyone except Blue becomes infected with Scary Face. Doc uses paint to cover the Scary Face infection temporarily.


The athletes are sent to Vertigo City in Qefped where they are split into two teams and throw desks at each other. Each athlete has 3 HP. If both teams still have living athletes after 60 seconds, the team with the highest combined HP wins. There are three rounds and a team has to win twice to win. Round 4 is a free-for-all round where there are no teams.

Team A won rounds 2 and 3, giving 7,500 points to all Team A members and 1,000 points to all Team B members  In Round 4, Olive takes 1st, pushing herself to the top of the leaderboard. Navy is eliminated at 14th with 28,385 points.

A Pathetic Failures episode happens before round 2 and after the team art a Stickman Experiments episode feautring pink's corpse plays.

Mini Siege

After the challenge, the paint wears off and Blue cures them and explains that the only way to get rid of the Scary Face once and for all is by fighting it. 6 athletes survive the battle but nobody gets points due to Doc feeling mean.